Thursday, February 4, 2010

Creating Change: day 2 - Dallas: American Prayer Hour 8 AM

The American Hour of Prayer was my first experience at Creating Change. This nationally organized event was the progressive community’s answer to the National Prayer Breakfast.

The Family, which funds the Ugandan leadership which supports legislation that extends the already draconian treatment of LGBT Ugandans.

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum spoke of the Torah lectionary "We start with creation, move through the story of being freed from slavery and then wandering the desert but never reaching the promised land. When we get close, we return to creation and start all over again. Many LGBT people are still in slavery, but even those of us that have broken free continue to wander in the desert. We must keep moving," she exhorted.

The Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson, Senior Pastor at the UCC Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, spoke. Jesus called for the leaven to be added. "We are the leaven," she said. We are that which adds depth to God's Creation. The People at the margins... we are essential.

Bishop Yvette Flunder closed the service with prayer. She told the story of a son who complained that someone else was invited to a party that his mother was hosting. "'Son, remember two things,' his mother said, '1) You are coming because I invited you and 2) I do the inviting.' Only God does the inviting to this party that we call life and God has invited you and me."

I understand that the President heard our concern...

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