Friday, January 15, 2010

Believe Out Loud in the Episcopal Church

Integrity's Board of Directors has endorsed the Believe out Loud Program. Developed by Bob Chase, responsible for the "God is still speaking..." campaign of the United Church of Christ, this is a trans-denominational "branding" of congregations that our welcoming and affirming of LGBT Christians.

The program includes a detailed set of self reflective steps to assure that congregations are really are inclusive of queer people. We know that many congregations are already "there" and others that may think they are have never been challenged to examine what the means. We believe that the materials in the programs will be a great resource to all congregations who wish to be introspective regarding their commitment as inclusive.

It is our hope that Believe Out Loud Episcopal Congregations will also become Proud Parish Partners and financially support the mission of Integrity.

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