Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tonay Awards Fiasco Saved by NPH

There were several wonderful things that happened during the Tony Awards:

- Angela's Fifth
- Liza's Fourth
- The producer of Hair's nod to marriage equality, however subtle...

BUT! The production values were dreadful. Let's hope Bret Michael's is not seriously injured after he failed to escaspe a descending set piece. The cameraman covering up the necrology with the choristers was a nice touch. Booms are scurrying cameramen and consistently horrible sound and dead mikes where they should have been live and visa-0versa and...

Then Neil Patrick Harris sang the closing number which upstaged it all. To the tune of "Tonight" he covered historic monents and included the lyrics:
The show could not me gayer
if Lize were named mayor
And Elton John took flight...

Wow. Did they make a mistake not giving him more air time.

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