Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Request from the President

Barack Obama wrote me a letter! He want's money to support his agenda. I respond...

Dear President Obama,

How nice of you to write.

While I have your attention let me remind you of the commitments that you made to the LGBT community.

I told one of you callers that I would not be donating to any political cause but LGBT groups until an official apology for the heinous DOJ brief is issued. Had the arguments raised were no less offensive than those used to support the state in Loving vs. Virginia. As you know now this brief was released on the anniversary of that case which ended the prohibition on inter-racial marriage.

I also told him that until there was a real step forward to overturn DADT and DOMA I would not donate to you or your party.

He said "I understand that you have an agenda..."

I am sorry, Mr. President, but the fact that this person would see this as "my" agenda and not the agenda of equality and justice for all, speaks to a lack of understanding that runs from the DOJ to the person who picks up the phone.

Neil Houghton

And the automated reply: Note the bold (my emphasis)
Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting Organizing for America, the grassroots movement that's working to help President Obama bring change to America. This movement was built by people like you, and your input will always drive it.

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Thank you,

Organizing for America

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