Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our New Kitchen Appliances

Kyle sold his car, which has been sitting in the backyard for a while. We have had a few people just stop by and ask about, but kept thinking that we would get it fixed up, registered and back on the road... but since I have been retired, one car ha been do-able. Last week two people stopped by and we said, "make us an offer."

So finally a our ailing appliances will be replaced... Not quite the Kenmore PRO line, but pretty darned exciting!

The range has 5 burners, one high powered, one simmer and the griddle size in the middle. It's stainless with a self cleaning convention oven and a warming drawer.

The fridge is very simple, but the only one we found in our price and size range that was really stainless and not a faux stainless gray.
The dishwasher is stainless and very highly rated by Consumer Reports.
We were very happy with the assistance we received at Sears. Finally a grown up kitchen has begun.

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