Thursday, September 24, 2009

+Gene and the Decay of Civilization

The Bishop of New Hampshire, The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, spoke at Momentum Conference about where we find our inner power. I would commend you to watch a 5 minute clip at the link below below.

I was taken aback once more by his story of death threats, especially a revelation that the NH polices arrested a man in January of this year with a sawed-off shot gun and an Internet generated set of directions to his house.

The lack of civil discourse in our "discussions" of health care has been high on my list of concerns about society. But +Gene's reminders about the constant death threats starts one digging for the roots of our civilization's decay. I would contend that there is something rotten that needs to removed, a cancer that cannot be allowed to grow.

It does not escape me that the people who want Gene Robinson dead probably are saying the same thing, and many in the name of the same God in whom I believe.

Gene understands that or each of us there is a "True Compass." He does not use this phase, but it is the title of Edward M. Kennedy's autobiography, and the late senator's deep faith is what drove him to champion the reversal of injustices.

Religion at it's best helps us to see the big picture, draw us into communion, community, and civilization. It is, as presented in Dan Brown's new book, the basis of a Masonic belief that finding commonalities that bring us together spiritually is the mortar of civilization.

Surely those who preach segregation through religion, for that is what any claim to knowing who is in and who is out amounts to, are making great progress in our country. Those who preach Armageddon and a "left behind" understanding of The Bible are in danger of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is a religious and a secular issue. There are talk show hosts who encourage demonizing the opposition. They make excuses for assault rifles at public gatherings. They encourage racist images and fascist references. Their prophecies are in danger of becoming fulfilled as well.

So I ask, what is the cancer that must be removed from society in your mind? Is it really +Gene Robinson?

Watch +Gene HERE

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