Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coming Out in Middle School - NYTM

The New York Times Magazine will publish an article on "Coming Out in Middle School" this Sunday. For most LGBT people in generation middle school (AKA junior high) was hell on earth. It still is at least purgatory, but kids ate coming out younger. The resources that are available make this possible.
Going online broke through the isolation that had been a hallmark of being young and gay, and it allowed gay teenagers to find information to refute what their families or churches sometimes still told them — namely, that they would never find happiness and love.
And given the fact that a young man in Ohlahoma is featured, I found this amazing:
In one corner, a short, perky eighth-grade girl kissed her ninth-grade girlfriend of one year. I asked them where they met. “In church,” they told me.
So we turn these people away, because?

Read the full article HERE.

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