Saturday, September 5, 2009

End of Summer Outside Stuff

This growing season has been amazing! It has meant weeding has been a bear... especially after being out of town for a month. But the reward is that one of the "reblooming" irises actually did! Immortality is said to be a reliable rebloomer is more temperate climes, but this is only the second season I have seen it preform in Rochester.

Meanwhile I have finally tackled dividing the iris in one bed.

Next year will probably not be as spectacular as this year was, but the tangled mess of rhizomes had to be attacked. Hard for me to throw out as much as I did, but it was also the only way to get red of the grasses that were tightly woven among the roots. I dug up 4 varieties completely, treated the area with Round-up weed killer and replanted the divided clumps a few days later.

Four new beds were planted by using Round-up and then hand-digging out the area of the remaining roots.

The hideous lean-to is a little less hideous thank to the wall/fence I built. YES, I BUILT. The testosterone treatments have finally kicked in...

It's almost done!

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  1. Oh My!!! I am so proud of you, didja remember all that from shop class??