Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Facts? We don't need no stinking facts!

This chart is compiled from information presented, as stated from the World Health Organization and presented in an article "The brutal truth about America's health care" from The Independent (UK).

It would seem that this data quite well documents the inefficiency of Health Care in the US. That would be the response from an reasonable individual. Facts are facts, right?

Below follows a post which is very revealing of the mentality with which facts are received in the current state of what passes for "debate." This was a response posted to a blog according to a friend of mine. The data is real. The response may be apocryphal, or it may be, we can only hope, satire:

ndependentusa wrote:‹
Saturday, 15 August 2009 at 01:42 am (UTC)
As an American living in the rugged state of Arizona, be it known that us American's consider Britain our closest ally and friend. In spite of our first American Revolution in the late 1700's, Americans today, have a special friendship and respect for the people of England and the UK.

The actual TRUTH from terra firma on this side of the pond is simply this:

A majority of Americans DO NOT want universal health care as you have in England. If England's people feel their system serves them well, so be it.

We do not want a government run, socialized healthcare system period. This issue has polarized the American people based on an ugly past of slavery and racism. Minorities in America want free handouts, and "Dis-advantaged" status from our government. The working middle class of America do not want to pay for handouts to the poor and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS period.

We the people in the United States are currently in a fight for our lives and Liberty again. Our government is trying to force Progressive and Liberal ideas down our throats, while they have been slowly cooking us in a pot of liberalism over the past 30 years.

Progressive and Liberal ideas have slowly infiltrated every aspect of our society over the last 3 decades, and average American people are starting to now understand what is happening.

Americans are starting to understand the CODE WORDS that progressives are using to try and re-frame all speech and ideas, and laws with: DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVENESS, MULTI-CULTURAL, SOCIAL JUSTICE, ECONOMIC PARITY, GENDER EQUALITY, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, ETC, ETC.

All of these terms are basically mean REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH.

We are undergoing a second REVOLUTION to erradicate the INSIDIOUS institutions of the Progressives and the left wing Liberals, and to reclaim true LIBERTY AND FREEDOM across our land.

We Americans have empathy with our friends in England, and think that it is wrong of your government to CENSURE englander's FREE SPEECH. SPEECH CODES ARE SIMPLY WRONG. WE MUST ALLOW ALL TYPES OF SPEECH, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE LABELED AS "HATE SPEECH", in order to hear ALL ideas period.

We draw the line on free speech when a DIRECT THREAT TO SOMEONES LIFE IS MADE.

Most of our media is controlled by PROGRESSIVE thinking people.

The main source of TRUTH in our media right now is FOX NEWS CHANNEL period.

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