Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globe: Results/Reactions

Here's what I think:

Best Picture - Drama
    Would be happy with: Argo, Zero Dark Thirty or Lincoln
    I predict: Lincoln
    Who Won: ARGO

Very surprised and very pleased.  It was a riveting movie, more intimate that the others I liked.
After Ben Afleck won director I became attuned to the probability of this happening. Afleck is presents himself as humble and is liked by the Hollywood.  Clearly a talented director.

Best Picture - Musical/Comedy

    Would be happy with: Les Miséables or Silver Linings Playbook
    I predict: Silver Linings Playbook
    Who Won: Les Misérables

I was betting on David bringing down Goliath here.  Les Mis is an incredibly will crafted of the best musical of the era of grand imported shows.  It is a masterpiece of drama, supported by emotionally stirring music.  Musical v. Opera distinctions ate blurred. Tom Hoopers masterfully rendering dripping with brilliant performances deserves this.

Best Actor - Drama
    Would be happy with: Daniel Day Lewis or John Hawkes
    I predict: Daniel Day Lewis
    Who Won: Daniel Day Lewis

An apples and oranges choice as many of these were.  Lewis's rendering of our most well remembered president was flawless.  Hawkes delivered a brilliant performance.

Best Actor - Musical/Comedy

    Would be happy with: Hugh Jackman or Bradley Cooper
    I predict: Hugh Jackman
    Who Won: Hugh Jackman

A huge fan of Jackman, I would have said he was a shoe-in.  Then I was emotionally engaged from start to finish of Silver Linings in no small part due to Cooper and Lawrence.

Best Actress - Drama
    Would be happy with: Jessica Chastain
    I predict: Jessica Chastain
    Who Won: Jessica Chastain

Shoe-in number one.

Best Actress - Musical/Comedy

    Would be happy with: Jennifer Lawrence
    I predict: Jennifer Lawrence
    Who Won: Jessica Chastain

Shoe-in number two.

Best Director

    Would be happy with: Ben Afleck, Kathryn Bigelow or Stephen Spielberg
    I predict: Ben Afleck
    Who Won: Ben Afleck

Tightest race for me.  I changed my mind at the last minute before the show. Again, community loves him, he's a nice guy and the film was wonderful.

Best Supporting Actor
    Would be happy with: Leonardo DiCaprio or Tommy Lee Jones
    I predict: Tommy Lee Jones
    Who Won: Christoph Waltz

First shocker in the list for me. There were a parcel of candidates for supporting actors in Django.  Samuel L Jackson deserved it.  Christoph Waltz was fine, but the just not stellar.

Best Supporting Actress
    Would be happy with: Anne Hathaway or Sally Fields
    I predict: Anne Hathaway
    Who Won: Anne Hathaway

What a choice!  Hathaway was stunning and her acceptance speech giving Sally Fields kudos for her contribution as a role model for women.  Sally Fields was brilliant in Linclon.

Best Screenplay

    Would be happy with: Argo or Silver Lining Playbook
    I predict: Silver Lining Playbook
    Who Won: Django Unchained

Why did I predict this?  This is the only real disappointment of the night for me.  I am glad I saw the movie and it did have redeeming qualities (unlike the Master).  The movie was too long.  How do you get an award for screenplay when it say "Blood Bath - 20  minutes"?  Tarantino is a talented, arrogant jerk.

Read the fashion report at Kyle+Blog.  I loved Julianne Moore and Zooey Deschanel.  Unfortunately Jessica Chastain made a poor choice.

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