Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Iris Bloom Report 06/01/10

Iris Bloom Report 06/01/10

Some Late Bloomers...

Kyle's favorite flower is white... and so this was his first choice at Borglum's last year. We are not sure what its name is so as usual Dana said, "Probably a seedling, you name it." And so "Pure Frilly White it is until otherwise identified. It is so completely white, falls, standards and even the beard that it looks like a wedding dress.

The other late bloomer was in the Pleasant Valley end of the summer value pack. Not expecting all to survive I planted them all in one bed. But everyone came up and 90% of them bloomed. They were all delightful surprises and this was one of the gems. "Repartee" has peachy standards and violet falls. With a rust to purple beard surrounded by peach shoulders, it is full and dramatic. Hard to believe the rhizome cost about $2.

"Pure Frilly White"


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