Sunday, December 21, 2008

Taking Stock of the Rick Warren debaucle...

After the dust has settled and I said my piece on this awkward moment. After reading what many silver tongued pundits have said. After listening to the anger and feeling it. After inviting Rick Wrren over for Christmas Dinner in what he apparently considers the house evil. After reading what Rick Warren has had to say about the controversy in my denomination, throwing his support behind an Anglican Archbishop who supports laws that not only would jail "homosexuals" but those that support their inclusion. After it all... I went to my husband's blog.

This is a man who said, this experience has "made me realize that I have given up on religion." This man goes to church with me because it is important to me.

In his blog I see more spirituality than I have been able to feel this week.

I hope you will ready his post. "Fine.."

Here is the conclusion and the video:

Reverend Joseph Lowery will be giving the benediction of the Inauguration. He will wipe the floor with Mr Mega Church. He is on the side of the angels. Watch this clip of him at Mrs. King's funeral. Listen to what he has the righteous anger, and faith, and stature to say, in front of President Bush. This is a man of light, this is a man of God, this is a man who " gets it" .

Bring on your paunchy yuppie preacher , We have this:

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