Monday, December 22, 2008

My God can beat up Your God

We continue to try to define God on a list serve to which I subscribe. The latest discussion is about the us "My God." Gene Robinson talked about "His" God and Rick Warren's god not being in agreement on some key points. Of course he was referring to his understanding of God, not in the possessive. But people jump parse every word.

Here is my contribution:

Fellow Christians,

My... oops strike that... God is so inclusive that God includes those people that are exclusive. OK, I'm down with that. I believe that God loves, ergo includes, everyone, including those that exclude others.
Does anyone else see the treadmill this puts us on? Circular reasoning? Catch 22?

Personally I don't believe that God wants people to exclude anyone. There are people who clearly think that he does. So the question is: To what kind of Church do we want to belong?

Some of us are working very hard to make this an inclusive church, others to make it exclusive. On the whole, the God that I understand (of course not "My" God in the possessive sense) is happier with the "includers" than with the "excluders."

And again I say as I try to wade my way through these esoteric arguments about who is in and who is out, "Good thing there are no starving people or wars...."

"'My' God. 'My' God! Why have you forsaken me?'

Was He being literal or making a rhetorical point?

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