Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good News from One News Now!

Well sort of ... they have decided to take on Ellen Degeneres, JC Penney and ... wait, wait... Bill O'Reilly.  In a moment of reason, Mr. O'Reilly defended JC Penney's decision to have Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson.  He even suggested that Ms. Degeneres is a "better role model" than, on say... a KARDASHIAN!  No kidding.  But the insanely right wing crowd at One "News" Now don't agree.

Bill O'Reilly was really off point in his recent article, "A Gay Time at JCPenney," claiming that the conservative group called OneMillionMoms was guilty of "witch-hunting against certain people" when they opposed JC Penney's hiring of Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson.
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Wow!  You go ONN.

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