Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hillary Speaks at UN Human Rights Conference

Please take 30 minutes at listen to this entire speech. It will surely be quoted out of context and used by those opposed to equal rights for LGBT people. Only if you are prepared can you help to put it in context.

It makes the point that minority rights have never been won without strong, visible support from those who are not a part of the affected minority. So even if you are not lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, your support is crucial, indeed, especially if you are not LGBT, we need your voice. We need you to be informed.

Thank you, Hillary. We even forgive you a bad hair day.


  1. No catty remarks - even for that bad a hair day!

    Thanks for getting this out to Oasis - I was trying to figure out how to forward. It is also posted on video.

    Prompted, I'm sure, by Obama's significant memorandum.

    Peace - Kit

  2. The bad hair day comment has been seen by a few friends as sexist. I assure everyone it was meant as gay man humor.