Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Church of England Civil Unions Progress, Nigeria... not so much.

Taken from a GLAAD newsletter:

In the United Kingdom, the Church of England announced that they will not force vicars to perform civil partnership ceremonies. The two-page briefing note (PDF) cites that Church premise may be used to approve of the registration of civil partnerships without a formal endorsement from the General Synod. The Archbishop of Westminster came out in support of civil unions, all the while maintaining that there is something distinctive in the nature of marriage that sets it apart as the foundation of family life. The Scots may beat the Brits to the punch, however, as they begin their consultation on civil marriage equality this week as promised.

In Africa, Nigeria’s senate passed a broad scope anti-gay marriage bill. Under the proposed law, marriage or participating in a same-sex marriage ceremony, public displays of affection would be considered criminal acts.

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