Monday, October 3, 2011

Married! So?

I know we have been legally married in Canada for 3.7 years and in New York since the summer. All that has been pretty abstract.

Last week we went to the DMV to get enhanced licenses. NY issues these for travel to Canada. They contain an ID chip which makes them acceptable for travel to Canada and Mexico, cost less and arrive faster than a Passport.

When we arrived the first time the DMV was not happy with Kyle's birth certificate because it was falling apart. This time we both arrived with rand spanking new birth certificates, but no proof of current residency. That means a current bill or pay stub. We thought we were doomed.

One of the employees suggest that we could swear residency for each other.

Here is the first legal document that used our new new status...

It was nice to legally use the word "husband."

It's a little thing, but maybe others of you think it's important to introduce the person you love as the person you legally share your life with.

If you do, and you haven't told someone else that you think it's important that all Americans deserve that right, maybe you should. It's the way we change others. One person at a time.

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