Thursday, September 22, 2011

May First GRIS! ...and an unknown

I am going to my first meeting of the Greater Rochester Iris Society meeting tonight. I have soe many questions...

Here are two pics of one of the mysteries in my garden. It's the same plant, but the light sure makes a difference. First is a sunny day, second is overcast. It's a beauty for those who like vivid. When purchased in a group from one of the big online garden plant suppliers, it was ID'ed as "Too Sweet"

The Identification of an unknown iris cultivar with certainty is next to impossible. Given the 10's of thousands of named cultivars that's not surprising. Recently I sent off a picture of one cultivar that clearly was not what I had been calling it. "Too Sweet" seemed like a great name for an iris with a fuschia-pink self (Standards and falls of the same color) and brilliant tangerine beards. It seemed "too sweet" in the literal sense of a candy that is cloyingly sweet.

Here is the real "Too Sweet" according to Dave's Garden. It's not on the AIS Wiki.

This is Prom Night:

My source for Iris Investigation believes this is the one. I agree on most points. The color is right. The shape is right. The plicata on the hafts and veining on the fall is more pronounced.

What a project it would be to photograph all blooms under exactly the same light conditions. Of course they would all have to be grown with exactly the same moisture, sun and soil conditions....

It's a challenge, but they are still fun to grow and a spectacular flower!

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