Thursday, September 1, 2011

From Mid-America

Fancy, Paul, Nickel and Thomas

I have posted the irises I ordered from Mid America. Now they are here! One bonus I selected was sold out. Next year I will order "Toronto" but this year I have these two:

2011, Paul Black

TB , 35" (89cm) , Early-Midseason
It is all about color. Rich, glowing coppery terra-cotta flowers have a soft blush of rosy violet around dark burnt red orange beards. Easy grower and rapid increaser. It’s easy to have this colorful iris. It’s a bonus. Check out our bonus offer on the inside front cover of this catalog.
Sdlg. N62A: Romantic Gentleman X Stop Flirting

TB , 32" (81cm) , Midseason-Late

Blushing is a lovely little color gem for smaller gardens. Light buttery yellow standards are infused mid pink over centers. Perky, flared falls are white with wide blended pale yellow margins and peach blushed hafts. Soft tangerine over white beards are the perfect accent. Cute, smaller, compact flowers are carried gracefully on show stalks with 4 branches plus spur and 10-12 buds. Excellent vigor and winter hardiness.
Sdlg. O9YY: Body and Soul X Bundle of Love

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