Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Roman Catholic Church and Jesus

I absolutely defend the right of any faith community to hold a position that it's followers support. I absolutely reserve the right to comment on that action.

Catholic Charities in DC has made two decisions to change their operation and policy based on the act the Same-Sex marriage is now legal in the district. The will stop placing children in any adoption because they would be forced to place them with same-sex married couples. They will stop offering any spousal benefits to new employees because they would be forced to offer them to same sex couples.

There are so many ways in which this type is incompatible with the overarching message of scripture and especially the life of Jesus Christ that it has sparked many theologians write many brilliant books. The story of the good Samaritan seems to be particularly appropriate for an organization that calls itself "Catholic Charities," not "The Keeper of Catholic Dogma"

Who are the victims in this action?

I know many, many good and faithful Roman Catholics who are as appalled as I am about this. The have held themselves accountable to the Church in their lives.

When I see this type of action I wonder only how they hold their church accountable to Jesus?

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