Sunday, February 1, 2009

Time for Trans Inclusion

From NGLTF "Creating Change", Denver
Saturday - Part 2

Lisa Mottet (NGLTF Transgender Civil Rights Project), Jaan Williams (Natl. Center for Lesbian Rights) and Justin Tanis (Natl. Center for Transgender Equality) were presenters on transgender rights and inclusion.

The publication, Opening the Door presents 9 practical keys to including Transgender issues and people in any organization. Justin and Lisa presented an overview of this guide in one session and more complete explanation during a 3 hour Academy session.

At a National Religous Leaders Roundtable Lisa and Jaan encouraged the addition of supportive organizations to an already lenghty list at Joining this list establishes institutional resonance with transgender/gender identification in the pending ENDA (Employment Non-Disicrimation Act). It also will be used as a vehicle for disitribute action alerts.

A lobby day for ENDA is scheduled for April 26-28 in Washington, DC. All are encouraged to participate.

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