Monday, February 2, 2009

Stories of Growing Up Gay in America

From NGLTF "Creating Change", Denver
Sunday - Part 1

Everyone at Creating Change received a copy of Crisis: 40 stories revealing the personal, social and religious pain and trauma of growing up gay in America. Edited and published by Mitchell Gold, who with his partner Bob Williams, created a furniture company known for their family work environment, the book is a personal investment the creating a safe environment for LGBT youth. The book is a non-profit endeavor.

Gold talked about an 80 year old woman in Taylorsville, NC, home to the company, who called him crying. “I had no idea what this experience was like,” she told him, “I am going to give this to my pastor.” While Gold’s company is respected, Taylorsville is not a “bastian of progressive attitudes toward the LGBT community. Even there it has changed at least one mind.”

Teenagers growing up Gay, Lesbian and Transgender are twice as likely as other youth to abuse drugs or alcohol. They 4 times more likely to attempt suicide according to studies. “Homophobia and discrimination are at the heart of their pain. Love support and acceptance – all within our reach – can save them,” says Gold.

Nate Berkus, Bishop Gene Robinson, Richard Chamberlain and John Amaechi are among the contributors. Its intended audience is educators, religious leaders, parents and politicians. “When you have finished reading this, schedule an appointment with a legislator,” suggests Gold. “give it to a lawmaker and say, ‘please give me the gift of reading this book.’”

Gold concluded, “Religion based bigotry ends in 2009.” Al I could think was, “From your mouth to God’s Ear’s”

I would hope that any group that supports full inclusion, would consider buying copies of the book to distribute.

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