Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gay "Life " in Russia

"Tradition Values" and raising a "pure generation."  Sound familiar?  The first is a buzz phrase of right wing groups today, the second is a phase that anyone aware of history would connect with Nazi Germany.  These are the phrases that are being used in Russia today to suppress LGBT people and those that support their right to be out.

An article in the February issue of GQ helps us to understand the reality of gay life in Russia today with the stories of these people:

Please read the entire article to find out who these people are.

As the Olympics approach we need to know that this is more than just a campaign to criminalize LGBT activity in Russia.  At its root it is an attempt to cleanse the impure... not a new idea in Russia unfortunately. 

Here is the closing paragraph of GQ's article:

One man was charged for holding up a sign that saidbeing gay is ok. Pride parades are out of the question, a pink triangle enough to get you arrested, if not beaten. A couple holding hands could be accused of propaganda if they do so where a minor might see them; the law, as framed, is all about protecting the children. Yelena Mizulina, chair of the Duma Committee on Family, Women, and Children's Affairs and the author of the bill, says that it's too late to save adult "homosexualists," as they're called, but Russia still has a chance to raise a pure generation.

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