Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Zimmerman Trial: The Real Issues

The trial of George Zimmerman is wrapping up and a verdict is about to be rendered that will satisfy some and disappoint others.

Based on what I have seen and learned being on a jury in a murder trial, I would say that Zimmerman will either be acquited or convicted on a lesser included charge (Manslaughter).  Remember there is no verdict of "innocent," only "not guilty" of the charges being brought.

In my own opinion, the fact that Zimmerman left his car and followed Martin after the 911 operator said not to and that he was carrying a lethal gun, is enough to make him culpable.  What prompted Martin and Zimmerman to engage in physical contact?  Even if Martin was asked politely what are you doing in this neighborhood and responded "What's it to you cracker?" It's hard to believe that if Zimmerman handled himself as a trained law enforcement officer, or even a trained neighborhood watch volunteer would know how to diffuse a situation. 

The questions that have brought this trial to national attention will not be answered in this trial.

Should a "neighborhood watch" person do anything more than report a questionable situation to police?

Should neighborhood watch volunteers be armed?

Should a gun be allowed to be used by a person who is pursuing another or only by someone who is being pursued?

Do we need more police officers, trained and on patrol?

There are deeper, more systemic questions of racism and profiling.  Clearly these are what brought this trial, of hundred of murder trials, that occur every day, full coverage on several cable networks.

In today's America, these questions that should cause us to enter into deep introspection more often further divide us.  So many Christians are railing that same-sex marriage will bring the end of civilization.  Perhaps their concerns should be focused on finding solutions more troubling in our society.  What would Jesus have to say about the Second Amendment?

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  1. I agree(and wish)he should have stopped following him once the operator told him to.