Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Day Without a Decision on DOMA/Prop8

Today was the penultimate day scheduled for decisions to be released.  Monday is the last. It is quite likely however that additional day(s) will be added because there are still 11 cases to be decided.  The court traditionally adjourns the last week of June, however all of this is "tradition" and not a legal end date.  The court can do pretty much whatever the court wants.

There are 4 cases that are drawing great public attention:

    Shelby County v. Holder:  Challenging the Voter Rights Act (reauthorized by Congress in 2006)

    Fisher v University of Texas, Austin: Affirmative Action

    Hollingsworth v. Perry: Proposition 8

    United States v. Windsor:  Challenging DOMA

Back to nail biting.

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