Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Do I Torture Myself? Elect Night 7:30 33-3

Three states closed and few closing now.  Torture.  Virginia is too close to call and that's the most important first indicator.  Different source report differently.  CNN lighting up a bar chart on the Empire State Building.  NBC projecting the electoral college decisions on a map on the ice in Rockefeller Center, dubbed 'Democracy Plaza' for today.

Most indicators are a <1 are="are" blue="blue" even="even" have="have" is="is" leanings="leanings" light="light" meaningless.="meaningless." nbsp="nbsp" on="on" or="or" p="p" pink="pink" precincts="precincts" reported="reported" rural="rural" site.="site." so="so" the="the" their="their" this="this" urban="urban" using="using" which="which">
My vocabulary has been expanded to include, 'down ballot.' In NY that would be 'cross ballot.'  It means the candidates other than the president.

Called:  Kentucky, Indiana, WV and SC are red, Vermont is blue.  Electoral Votes: Romney 33, Obama 3.

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