Saturday, July 14, 2012


I am reminded of calling home from General Convention in 2003 when Gene Robinson was given Consents. I would report what was going on and Kyle would say the reporter must be in a different place, and just mentally but physically.

We all know, or should know, that what is reported is not exactly what happened. but there should be some attempt at accuracy. And reporting should be reporting, not op-ed. What was published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about General Convention is a another clear indication that an well-informed American public has fast becoming extinct. This age of information technology has, ironically, led to its decline. Rarely do I feel it as personally as I did yesterday. Here's what I posted on the blog from the deputation of the Diocese of Rochester.
I fear many of you will read a piece in the Wall Street Journal that purports to be news. I won't give you the link because it does not deserve reference. You can use Google or some search engine to find it... or simply use the link in the blog from the Bishop of Arizona below. Be sure to read the comments he has received. 
This hack journalism starts with an accusaton that this was two weeks of revelry and frivolity. I can assure you that most of us at salads and Starbuck on the run, had Kristy run to the grocery store to supply us with sandwiches so we could eat together and only one night had a decent meal in a real restaurant with linen and silverware as we celebrated the the close of 9 days of work usually beginning at 7:30 and rarely ending before 9.
There is such an agenda behind  this and so much inaccuracy that your best bet is to not believe a word of it. The sad thing is that in today's polarized media world there is an audience that will eat this up and believe every word of it.
As disturbing as it is to see this agenda driven ... well I can't dignify it with the label "reporting" ... essay, maybe... it is impossible to explain how it feels to be the target. Perhaps one of my more learned colleagues will dissect it line by line.
Now I know why when I saw the Presiding Bishop at the airport this AM she seemed in daze. Start here... And my prayers for all the victims of this hideous attack.
Trying to read the comments posted to the original WSJ article is tedious and sometimes painful. It sparks the passionate groups on both sides, and the atheists who are looking for reasons to point toward religion as part of the problem, not the solution to anything find more than adequate fodder in this sort of publication.

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