Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MSNBC: Say it isn't so...

MSNBC has let me down!

God knows I love RACHEL and like Keith and Ed and the gang. But this education week thing has shown that MSNBC is a vulnerable as anyone to heavy spin.

The whole thing started with a great gathering of teachers in front of Prometheus and over the famous Rockefeller Plaza ice skating rink. There we many voices of reason. Many teachers who tried to explain that tenure does not protect bad teachers it only provides due process.

One young teacher stood up and said, "I don't need tenure."

She has become the clip of the week. The head honcho in the NYC school system said, "we need more passionate wonderful teachers like this."

Sure you do bucky... until she makes too much money, or is stuck with a class that is loaded with parents that question her methods, challenge her choice of literature, don't agree with her stance on evolution, etc. Then you will let her fry and the years of union activists that have fought to protect her from the whims of administrators or wacky parents.

Oh, and by the way Mr. Chancellor, do you even know that she can teach her way out of paper bag? Have you observed her? Here's a great example of why we need tenure! A young teacher gets up and kisses your ass on TV and she's the best thing since sliced bread. What if she gets on National TV one day and says the Chancellor has no clothes... and she has no tenure?

MSNBC, shame on you for playing into this! Ed Schultz, now's the time for you to get your Union suit on and tell it like it is.

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