Monday, August 2, 2010

Water and Waste Reduction in Airports

Water and Waste Reduction in Airports

How much do you pay for bottled water in an airport? How much waste is created by plastic water bottles from that water? Here's an idea for a solution.

The TSA won't let you bring bottled water through security. Many of us end up spending hours on the other side of security clearance and we need water. If you go to the food outlets or the news store they will gladly sell you 2 cents worth of water for 2 dollars.

So how about a better solution that saves us money and saves a little space in the land fills?

In the Northeast water dispensing machines are not so common, but in the West they are everywhere. So why not put them in boarding areas in airports? You can bring in a reusable water bottle and fill it for 25 cents. It saves you some money and saves the environment another plastic bottle.

OK entrepreneurs, take this idea and run with it. I'd be happy is you sent me $0.005 cents a dispense.!/group.php?gid=144060898945535&v=info

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